Series production of the new aluminium busbars starts

Series production of the new aluminium busbars starts

  • Extensive sampling of the new busbar generation carried out with customers
  • Sales of aluminium busbars in the 2-digit million euro range planned
  • Significant advantages of aluminium busbars over conventional copper wires, e.g. in terms of weight

Linz, 16 January 2024 - HPW Metallwerk GmbH (HPW) is starting series production of its new, patent-protected generation of aluminium high-performance wires ("aluminium busbars"). In recent months, HPW has carried out extensive customer sampling of the innovative product and expanded its production processes from copper to aluminium. HPW plans to continuously expand its production capacities in order to be able to produce quantities of several thousand tonnes in the medium term. Sales of the new generation of aluminium busbars are expected to be in the double-digit million euro range in the coming years.


The aluminium busbars are an important efficiency-enhancing component of advancing e-mobility and illustrate the continuous progress in material and component development. These innovative components are used in vehicles to connect electrical components such as battery modules to each other. Aluminium busbars are up to 50% lighter than conventional flat conductors with the same electrical conductivity. This makes aluminium busbars a crucial component for the next generation of high-performance cars and in battery-electric heavy-duty transport. HPW is thus making a relevant contribution to automotive manufacturers in order to drive forward the technological development of their e-mobility vehicles.


Due to the high innovative strength of the aluminium busbars, demand for the product is high even before series production. During the sampling process, HPW has already acquired well-known TIER 1 suppliers as customers who are planning to use them for their e-mobility applications. In addition to setting up production at the Leonding site in Austria, HPW also expects to produce the new generation of busbars at the future production site in the USA.


Dr Ewald Koppensteiner, CEO of HPW: "With the start of series production of our new high-tech wire generation, HPW is off to a perfect start in the new year. In addition to the customers we have already won, we are currently in advanced talks with potential customers who are convinced of the quality of the product. This underlines our position on the market as an innovator for the e-mobility sector."


About HPW

HPW, high performance wires, is a technology company that develops and produces key components for the global energy transition. HPW's high-performance flat wires are mainly used in e-mobility and in the field of renewable energies. The products are characterised by high efficiency, resilience and durability, thus increasing the efficiency of electric motors, for example. HPW is an established partner for customers worldwide - including major global OEMs as well as Tier 1 suppliers - in over 50 countries. HPW has the capacity to meet the ever-increasing global demand for high-performance wires. Based on patented technology and continuous innovation, HPW is constantly achieving further performance advantages and opening up additional application possibilities for its products. The company is headquartered in Linz, Austria



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